KidKeeper Version 4.X Features

Designed For Easy Use:
We at KidKeeper realize that your profession has enough complications without your business software adding to we've kept it simple.

Business Management Features:
We meant it when we said "Made for Providers, by Providers". All of the features you find in KidKeeper were thought of by Providers just like yourself.

Edit & Manage Your Records:
Having all of your records in one location from year to year is important. Being able to search through years of records with the touch of a button is invaluable.

Track Employee Hours:
A record of each employee, the number of hours they worked and the net amount you paid them...simply the bottom line.

Weekly Schedule Manager:
Doing your Scheduling, Payments, Food Program and Taxes...all at the same time...that's time saving!

Child Count Graphs:
Keep track of exactly how many children are at your Child Care every 15 minutes of the day. Great for drop-in's and capacity regulation.

Payment History & Manager:
Make payments, keep track of balances, and print receipts and annual receipts or invoices all with your business information and logo on them.

Food Program Features:
Whether your Food Program claims electronically or not, be the first to know how much your Food check will be and claim those meals you weren't able to claim with your Food Program, for your taxes.

Preplanned Menus & Shopping List:
KidKeeper offers blank menus for each age group and preplanned menus, each with shopping lists and recipes.

Calendar Tools:
Print out holidays, birthdays, events and curriculum, in regular Calendar format to give to your parents.

Mileage Tracking:
Keep track of every mile you drive for your Child Care.

Track Expenses Annually:
As a business owner, you already know the importance of keeping track of every write-off possible. KidKeeper will subtotal, then grand total everything you need for your accountant.

Note Keeping Tools:
Keep all the notes for your helpers and your family in one place. This way you have the ability to look back at them should you ever need to.

Printable Art:
Print out numbers, letters, shapes, collages and holiday shapes...or add your own.

Easy To Use Back Up Features:
Backing up your data only takes 5 seconds and the click of a button. It'll save you lots of time and lost work should your computer ever crash.

Wizards to Speed up Data Entry:
A quick way to get your kids and employees entered into your program.

Keep Up To Date Online:
With the click of a button and an Internet connection you can stay up-to-date with any changes we make to of charge.

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