KidKeeper is here to simplify your business in more ways than you can imagine. Our intuitive, fast and easy software takes care of the paperwork, regulations and planning that can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming – leaving you to focus on your kids.

While there are more features than we’re able to list here, you’ll have to trust us when we say KidKeeper has everything a home-based Childcare Provider needs and more. 

Some of the features include: 

  • A comprehensive DASHBOARD that gives an overview of important features that will make tax time a breeze, like YTD Childcare payments, expense totals and other income totals. You can even print your tax report. It also outlines your day’s total scheduled kids and staff.




  • PROVIDER BUSINESS INFO section allows you to personalize your business information, including adding your logo, work hours, emergency info, etc. This is also where we help you plan your meals and coordinate Food Program details.

  • KIDS FILES is where you can keep track of details for each and every kid, including basic info, photo, siblings, parents and guardians, emergency contacts, schedules, school info, immunizations, and Food Program enrollment forms. This is where you’ll also keep track of all billing and payment information for each child.

  • STAFF FILES is where you’ll find staff information like schedules, time charts and details about each person.

  • The EVENTS CALENDAR allows you to keep track of important events.


  • EXPENSES:  Keep a list of all your taxable Expenses, subtotal, separate and grand total them for your Accountant.


  • OTHER INCOME:  Lists Other Income (like tutoring) here... you can even add your husbands pay to have everything in one place for taxes.

  • DOCUMENTS is where you can keep important information related to your business, right at your fingertips.


  • VEHICLES & MILEAGE: Track your mileage for tax purposes.


  • TAXES: View all tax information for your year-end taxes.


  • MY SUBSCRIPTION:  You can change your bank card information or CANCEL your KidKeeper at any time.