• Robert Mrosek

Children Page

  • Loading the child page will show you all your children that are not archived. Clicking the view archive button will show any archived children.

  • If you have a lot of children, you can use the search box at the top to search for the child by either first or last name.

  • Clicking the profile of the child will bring up the family page.

New Family
  • When a new family starts attending your child care, click the 'New Family' button.

  • Enter a child name and click save

  • This will create a new family and add that child to it. Once the family is created you will add the parents/guardians, children and contacts by clicking the plus sign next to each. See Family Page

New Child, Existing Family

If a family is already attending your child care, and they need to start bringing a new child to you, you will add the child to the existing family.

  • Click on the child that is currently attending your child care.

  • If there are separate families you will need to select the family you want to add the new child to.

  • Once viewing the family, click the plus sign next to 'Children' to add the child. See Family Page

  • Enter child details

Doing this you won't need to add the parents and contacts for the new child all over again.


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