• Robert Mrosek

Merge Families

You will want to merge families if you have accidentally created two families in your child care that should have been one.

What this does
  • Combines both families into one

  • The new family will have access to all...

  • Parent/Guardians

  • Contacts

  • Children

  • Invoices

  • Schedules

CAUTION: This cannot be undone

  • Open one of the families you need to merge by clicking on the child from the children page

  • Click 'Family Settings'

  • Select the 'Merge Families' section

  • The current family you are in will be selected by default, you can't change this. If the family you see under 'current family' is incorrect, click cancel, and go to the family you need to merge.

  • Select the second family under 'selected family'

  • Click 'Confirm Merge'

You will not have access to the children while this happens. Once complete you can go into the new family and make changes.

  • Once complete, you may notice duplicate parent/guardians, contacts or children. If you do please view the following

Merge Parent/Guardians & Contacts

Merge Children


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