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Updated: Jan 17

Finding and viewing staff

  • You can click on a staff profile image to load their profile.

  • If you have a lot of staff, you can use the search box at the top, type in the first or last name and find the staff member.

Archived Staff

Clicking the checkbox to view archived staff will show staff that are not working at your child care anymore.

  • If they are temporarily not working at your child care, uncheck the active box in their profile.

Add Staff

Clicking the add staff button will allow you to add a new staff member.

  • Fill out the fields

  • Click Save

  • Decide if you want to invite the staff member.

As soon as you add the staff member you can start scheduling them, even if you have invited them and they have not yet signed up.

Inviting Staff Members

When you invite a staff member to your company. They will be able to login to KidKeeper, see your schedules, children, payments etc.

  • Staff members can only view their own Staff Profile.


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