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Updated: Jan 17

Viewing Staff

When viewing.a staff profile, you can add and edit any information that you need

Inviting Staff

You can invite a staff member by clicking the invite staff button. This sends them an email to the address on file with a special link to access your child care.

Active Staff

Checking the active box for the staff, will. allow you to schedule the staff and use them throughout the program.

  • Unchecking the active box make is great for staff that only work seasonally or only for a few months every year.

  • This allows you to keep all the staff information and easily reactivate them when they return.


Entering immunizations for staff allow you to keep up to date with their records and make sure you stay in compliance with any regulations.


You are able to enter contacts for each staff member. This can be emergency contacts, doctors or even their parents if you have a younger staff member helping you out.


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